Prerequisite for Webcockpit is Ant. Webcockpit has been developed using Ant 1.6, but it should also work with earlier Ant versions. Make sure $ANT_HOME is set to the base of the Ant installation and that $ANT_HOME/bin is on your $PATH.
All Webcockpit web applications derive their dynamic data from a database, through the Web Application server's JNDI datasources. Webcockpit examples have been tested using Oracle 9.2 and MySQL 5.0. Webcockpit applications should work any relational databases.
Make sure that the database vendor JDBC class libraries are copied to the ApplicationServer's classpath - see below for Tomcat.
Webcockpit has been tested using Tomcat 5.0.X and Tomcat 5.5.X application server. If you want to use 5.0.X instead of 5.5.X remember to set the /webcockpit/context/@version="5.0" in your webcockpit configuration file. I dont have the resources to support any others currently, but I welcome anyone who tries to get things going on other servers. In order for the database connectivity to work, you must drop the database JDBC jar files in the $TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib or $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib. For
  • Oracle this is the classes12.jar or ojdbc14.jar.
  • MySQL this is mysql-connector-java-3.1.X-bin.jar.
Webcockpit build files have default configuration for the Tomcat Manager user, password and port ( admin / admin / 8888 ). Change the webcockpit build file to match your tomcat installation if you want to use 'ant deploy' to deploy the examples.


Download the 'webcockpit-<major>.<minor>.<micro>.zip' from sourceforge.

Extract the contents into a base directory, lets call it $webcockpit. The directory stucture looks like:

README.txt                       - the project readme file
NOTICE.txt                       - acknowledgements of other Open Source projects used
LICENSE-webcockpit.txt           - the license conditions
/examples                        - examples bundled with the distribution
        build.xml                - example build file to build the example
        /config                  - contains the configuration file
        /external                - external files are copied 1:1 to the resulting WAR file
        /template                - HTML template files for the pages defined in config.xml
/input                           - all files required by Webcockpit based Web Applications at runtime
    /etc                         - non image resource needed at runtime
    /images                      - image resources needed at runtime
    /WEB-INF                     - contains the Web Application's web.xml and used tag librarys
        /lib                     - libraries required in the Web Application at runtime
/lib                             - required libraries to run Webcockpit builder

Check that the installation is successfull by going to $webcockpit/examples and calling 'ant' or 'ant build'. The result should be a set of example web applications called webcockpit<example>.war. Logo