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What is Webcockpit?

Webcockpit is a web application generator. It generates complete JSP based web applications which contain charts and tables, who's contents are retrieved using database queries. The charts and tables can be configured to link to each other, enabling master-detail like drill-down.

Webcockpit generates JSP pages from an XML configuration file. You configure each JSP page, containing charts, tables and their interconnection.

The configuration file needs to comply with the XML Schema provided in the distribution. You can provide your own HTML or JSP template files which are mixed with the generated JSP to provide a final web application. The web application needs to be deployed on a web application server in order to run. When the JSP pages are requested from the web application server by a browser request, SQL queries associated with the charts and tables are executed on the database. The result set data is rendered as a chart or table and returned to the browser. The web application does not use any dedicated database tables of it's own.

Technically, Webcockpit is implemented as an ANT task ( 100% Java ). You can embed the webcockpit web application generation within your own build processes. The result of the build process is a WAR file which can be deployed directly to a web application server. Webcockpit generates all configuration files necessary for Tomcat ( context.xml, web.xml ) such that the WAR file should deploy and run immediately without additional manual configuration steps. This includes the configuration of JNDI datasources for JDBC connections.

Webcockpit has reached version 1.5.1 and has been used to create productive web based charting solutions. However Webcockpit ( in its current form ) has reached its end of lifecycle. This means that the project will not be actively developed further. I am looking towards developing a convenient, embeddable charting solution based on the J2EE stack as an alternative.

Live Examples

Below are links to live examples. Bandwidth is limited and the links may not always be availible. The examples can be built and run by following the Starting the Examples guide.

Getting Started with Webcockpit

Learn how to build and start the examples on your own WebApplication server.

Gain insight into the webcockpit concepts by following the Ten Minute Tutorial.


Webcockpit builds vertically on Cewolf , Displaytag and JFreeChart. Many thanks to their project contributors for making Webcockpit possible.

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